Day 11 and 12: Emerald Hill, and other relaxations

Saturday was a pretty low key type of day. Susan and I started the day by doing pilates in the lounge. And getting judged heavily by other people who walked in to study. Oh well.

After a quick lunch, we decided to head out to an art gallery to get a tour about paper making in Robertson Quay. 

Very foreigner heavy, but a good change of pace and scenery from what I was used to seeing. My camera was dead, so here’s a few stock photos. Google Images yo!

Unfortunately, the  print shop and gallery were closed for renovations. But I did get a bunch of free postcards there!

Afterwards, we sought out Emerald Hill, a neighborhood and conservation area in Singapore, that keeps traditional architecture.

It’s right off of Orchard Road, the bustling shopping district of Singapore (RITZZZZ), so it was surprising how quiet and calm (and not crowded) Emerald Hill was.

Again. Google Image photos!

These houses are actually for sale, but judging by the sports cars sitting infront of everybody’s garage, they aren’t cheap.

Still! look at how cute they are! Those Shutters! So many colors! 

There were also seesaws littered everyone, which was super exciting because I hadn’t used a legitimate seesaw, without springs, in YEARS.

Afterwards, we went back to Orchard Road:

Definitely super jarring after the hour spent wandering Emerald Hill.

And, because we were in the biggest shopping area, we decided to go into a shop.

A 3 story H&M:

It was an absolute nightmare. Shopping in Singapore is definitely a thing I can’t handle. There’s just so many people in the building, and there’s so much CLOTHING to look at.

all of it was just a bit of sensory overload.

Did get a pair of sunglasses though!

Day 12: Homework? Whyyyyyyyyy

I’m combining the two days because day 12, sunday, was another shut in day.

I finished two books, wrote a paper, and began studying for my Bio test.
By studying I mean freaking out. Whatever.

I did spend an hour in the pool though, first time, and that was nice. 

Sorry. Only on occasion, life in singapore is kind of boring. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

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